Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares or modular carpet. Most of the people think that modular flooring is best in the office and other business locations. The carpet tiles for residential use will lead to homeowners away for choosing the carpet tile flooring other than wall to wall carpet.

Carpet Tiles for Residential UseCarpet tiles were mostly installed in offices, hotels, and some other places. Now carpet tiles are installed everywhere including homes and apartments. They are much easier to install on their own. They are becoming more popular in residential spaces.

Carpet Tiles for Residential Use:

One of the cheapest residential carpet tiles types with homeowners is the carpet square. They usually give your room a more elegant look and make it perfect for home carpeting. You can easily mix and match the different colors and pattern. This will make it very easy a nice custom tiling for your home. Commercial carpet tiles are quite expensive and since the carpet manufacturers do not keep an inventory of these carpets, they will sell it to wholesalers. Residential carpet tiles have a wide range of designs and will last for a long time.

Problem and solution for carpet tiles:

Carpet loosening is a common carpet problem. Loose carpet tiles will wear faster and can develop ripples and wrinkles. Next problem is static electricity. Another alternative is to have your local carpet cleaner apply a static treatment. Final problem is to have your carpet tile is sun fading. A common type of carpet problem that typically affects higher end carpets is pile reversal.

Pros of Carpet Tiles:

Carpet tiles come with a range of benefits that includes:

  • Installation of carpet tile will be easier than the standard rolled carpet.
  • Kits are available by doing yourself. These kits make it simple with instruction.
  • Carpet tiles can be installed over many floor types including wood and tile. By this, you can add a new look to your home without renovation work required.
  • It can be easily cleaned and care.
  • Excess carpet material needs to be removed in residential carpet tile.
  • It gives you the flexibility of doing it yourself.
  • Without padding and glue, you can install the tile.
  • Carpet tiles can be removed for cleaning and the floor becomes damaged, the tile can be replaced.
  • Carpet tile will give you depth and texture to a room.
  • Many carpet tiles have enhanced stain resistance.

Cons of Carpet Tiles:

Pros of Carpet TilesCarpet tiles also come with some disadvantages. This include:

  • The seams of the carpet tiles are easily seen when compared to the wall to wall carpet rolls.
  • The subfloor needs to be clean for the best installation result.
  • Carpet tiles can be more expensive than the carpet rolls.

Carpet tiles for residential use are beginning to make a real impact. You can also check on the web for residential carpet tile outlets and dealers to find modular carpet tiles. This will help you to search the best carpet tiles for residential use.

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