How to Choose Carpet Tiles in Residential Home

Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares or modular carpet. These are a modern and stylish alternative to standard carpet rolls. Carpet tiles residential home became the solution in areas where total replacement of floor covering was economically unacceptable. They are much easier to install on their own. They are becoming more popular in residential spaces. First, decide whether to use a carpet roll or opt for carpet tiles.

Choosing your Carpet Tiles:

Choosing your Carpet TilesWhen you are choosing the carpet tiles for your home, consider the color and style. If you plan to create the pattern the entire floor will ensure the pattern comes out to intend. It is also important to consider the sizes of the tiles. They are available in multiple colors and the tile size will impact the perfect look of the finished floor.

Styles of carpet tile:

Carpet tiles come in different styles and colors

  • Various sizes
  • Fiber types
  • Pile styles
  • Manufactured types

From this, you can find the carpet tiles that are equivalent for the roll of carpet used in your home. Many designs and styles of carpet tile are available in the market.

Carpet tile backing material includes:

  • Vinyl
  • Fibreglass
  • Urethane
  • Recycled vinyl

This backing material is important because they provide stability and help carpet tiles withstand moisture. You can find the carpet tiles with peel and sick or require glue. Both types of tiles can be removed easily.

Where to install carpet tile

  • Basements:

Many homeowners have basements and they have experienced flooding at some point in time.  If you want a soft surface in your basement then carpet tiles are ideal. You can easily peel them and you can replace what you need instead of the whole basement.

  • Existing flooring:

You can install carpet squares over another flooring. If you need the softness of carpet then consider these tiles. You can place your carpet tiles over the wood also. With so many features and versatility, carpet tiles are stylish flooring for your home.

Residential Carpet tile Advantages:

  • In residential carpet tile, excess carpet material needs to be removed.
  • Carpet square represents fewer costs and moving a box is much easier than moving the long roll.
  • Installation is easier and less expensive.
  • It gives you the flexibility of doing it yourself.


  • You can only replace what is damaged
  • It is moisture barrier
  • Easily you can create the patterns and multiple types of tiles
  • Less amount of water


  • When the tile is damaged then it will make older tiles
  • This is not residential in look or feel

These are the pros and cons of broadloom carpet with moisture.

Residentially we do not see the carpet tiles that are being used in the home. You can see it in an apartment or in kid’s room. By mixing tiles and patterns, we can see the great applications for carpet tiles.

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