When you are installing carpet in your home, some may think that diy carpet installation is the best way to save the money. In many cases, it is easier to pay a contractor to install the carpet for you because finally you will end up with the good quality job. The reality will be, while you are installing your carpet, it is a difficult job for diy carpet installation.

  • Your first job is to remove the moldings of the old carpet
  • Pull the carpet off the tackless strips at the one end and then roll it up
  • Make sure that the floor is clean and dry but do not remove the tackless strips
  • If it is new construction then install new tackless strips or else hardwood floor will be going over

Laying the UnderpadLaying the Underpad:

  • Put the underpad down to reach the tackless strips
  • Trim the excess underpad along the inside of the tackless strips
  • When laying underpad on concrete floors, use double sided tape to secure the underpad
  • Staple the underpad to secure it to the floors

Laying the Carpet:

  • The edge of the floor should be overlapped to install carpet properly
  • The corner will not lay flat on the floor
  • Secure the carpet along with the entire length of one wall
  • Once the entire carpet is stretched, use the utility knife to cut the excess carpet

Attaching the carpet:

  • To attach the carpet along one edge then use a knee kicker
  • This will stretch the carpet over the tackless strip
  • This will finish attaching the carpet by carpet stretcher
  • Trim the carpet near the wall with a utility knife and work your way around the room by stretching the carpet over the strips

Carpeting Stairs:

When you are installing a new carpet to a staircase you should make sure that the stair is well rounded and not square. This will prevent the damage to both your carpet and underlay. You may also need to install the tackless strip Pros of DIY Carpet Installationon each step that is to maintain a proper work on carpeting.

  • The gap between the tackless strips and the wall will tuck the carpet down by using the stair tool
  • Trim the carpet so that the edge is centered under the closed door and then install a door edge strip

Pros of DIY Carpet Installation:

  • It will save money when you diy carpet installation by yourself. You can save a good amount of money by installing your carpet. This may vary according to your work.
  • If you do your installation for a smaller place then you may get a better result. For bigger installation, a contractor will give a guarantee for the service. If it is small they won’t give any guarantee.

Cons of DIY Carpet Installation:

  • If you do your work wrong you cannot blame others. You have to accept the installation.
  • It is difficult job to do
  • You can make a wrong cut

Now you can make a decision for diy carpet installation on the basis of these benefits.

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