Vinyl flooring sheet is a great way to change the appearance of the room without spending too much money. This will be easy to install and simple for beginners without a lot of home improvement experience. Here are the steps to install vinyl flooring sheet.

Preparing the Room for Vinyl Flooring SheetPreparing the Room for Sheet Vinyl Flooring:

  • Remove the furniture and appliances.
  • Take the doors off their hinges.
  • Remove the floor trim molding with a pry bar and the wood protect the wall from damage when prying the trim away.
  • Remove the nails from the wall and pulling the nails through the back of the molding will prevent it from splitting.

Install Vinyl Flooring sheet:

  1. Preparing the old flooring:
  • Using the tape determine the size of your room and get accurate measurements.
  • Vinyl flooring can be placed in a variety of rooms and don’t need to remove any cabinets as these are in permanent locations and the flooring can be installed around them.
  • If you have carpet that can be replaced with vinyl. Vinyl flooring can cover any floor surface.
  • Old flooring may contain asbestos and test before pulling it or disturbing it.
  • If you choose not to remove the old flooring then have to trim the bottom of your doors.
  • Make a paper template of the floor.
  • Tape your paper template of the floor to your under layer plywood and cut the plywood to fit the flooring in your room.
  • Put your under layer plywood sheets in the room and prevent the vinyl fro coming up in the process.
  • To install the under layer you need to use a special under layer stapler.
  • Remove and replace any staples that will not go through the plywood.
  • Finish smoothing the under layer.
  1. Install Vinyl Flooring SheetApplying your Vinyl:
  • Decide on the pattern for your vinyl and cut the vinyl sheets according to your room.
  • Determine the application process of your vinyl that is self-stick and glues
  • If you have self-stick vinyl then follow the direction of the application
  • To make applying your vinyl easier, lay it and cut it to fit using your paper template. Use this pattern for cutting your vinyl sheet.
  • Start in a corner of the room and scoop out some of the glue onto the towel to spread across the under layer of the room.
  • Lay the vinyl perfectly aligned with the row and place them each one flat.
  • Press the vinyl sheet down to stick it to the adhesive.
  • Lay out some of the glue, allows it to dry and stick the vinyl sheet. Fill the entire floor with the vinyl sheet until you reach the edges.
  • Wait several hours for the floor to dry and then replace the molding.

Return the furniture to space, moving furniture and appliances back into place is the most common cause of damage to new flooring.

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