Are you thinking of doing wall-to-wall carpeting? But, don’t how to install it? Then, don’t worry; this article is really for you. Making wall-to-wall carpeting is the most popular choice for almost every homeowner. There are plenty of styles, design, and colors available in the market. With the range of options, you can choose any one based on your interior design. And then, just refer this article to install wall-to-wall carpet.

How to install wall-to-wall carpeting?

How to install wall-to-wallInstalling wall-to-wall carpeting is not that much complex task as like you think. Rather, it is very easy to install and as well as economical too. Apart from that, it also provides useful advantages. This is the reason for popularity of wall-to-wall carpeting.

Not only you but also many homeowners would like to install carpeting on their walls. But, the problem is they don’t know how to do. If you’re one of them, then this article is really for you. In this section, I’m going to share a guide to install wall-to-wall carpeting.

7 steps to install wall-to-wall carpeting:

Below are the 7 steps to install wall-to-wall carpeting. After choosing your own design for carpets, just follow the given steps to accomplish it. Let’s start!!

Step #1: Clean the floor

First of all, you need to clean the floor thoroughly and make sure that it is completely in dry.

Step #2: Measure and mark

Mark the opposing corner of the room to the room’s center. After that, measure exact center of all walls and make added perpendicular lines between the marks.

Step #3: Lay perpendicular starter rows

Lay on the starter rows that perpendicular to the carpet tiles along with the second set of lines. Now, make sure that tiles are square to each other. If you want to adjust the layout to reduce the cut lines, then do it by re-snap the chalk line based on your requirements.

Step #4: Connect the tiles

Connect the tilesIn order to connect the tiles, use adhesive tabs and place one tab at each seam, so that you can able to make a centered seam. To stick the tiles, press it on the corner of the tiles down.

Step #5: Mark border tiles for cutting

At first place the tile on the corner of starter row and check whether it is located properly on the mark or not and then press down to fit. If the tile is not fitted properly, then mark it and cut the extra part.

Step #6: Cut the border tile

In order to ensure a straight cut, use carpet knife or utility knife to cut the border of the tile. However, before cutting the border, pass the light and then sketch the each cut border tile and then place it opposite to the wall.

Step #7: Completion of installation

Now, complete the installation process by working on the outward direction and from the center of the room. Then, fill the tiles from center to outward direction.

That’s all!! Wall-to-wall carpeting is installed.

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