Installing Carpet on Walls – Steps to be known

Installation of Carpet on the Walls is one of the toughest jobs present. It includes many different kinds of methods and steps which you must really be aware of. And thus, getting help from the professionals is the easiest way to do this process.

Here come, some of the main important things which we must know in detail. By reading this in further, you will carpet on wallsdefinitely be able to get to know about them and the steps which are to be followed while installing the carpet in a detailed manner.

Installing Carpet on walls:

There are many different steps and ways present in installing the carpet on walls. Getting the job done with the help of the professionals is one of the best ways to do this process successfully.

By reading this further you will be able to have a detailed idea about the installation of carpet on walls.

  • The first and foremost thing which you must do is to measure and determine the area which you would like to install the carpet. Make sure that you are measuring the area perfectly. Only by then you will be able to do the installation process without any errors.
  • Next thing is to ensure that the surface where you are about to lay the carpet is clean and smooth without any obstacles. Get help from a vacuum cleaner and clean the place neatly.
  • You can remove your door from that place if you would like to have a perfect finishing.
  • After that, you must install the tack strips with the help of a hammer and some nails. Make sure that you are not installing the across the doorway. This is to prevent your foot from getting poked. And also, ensure that you are using them for correct size.
  • Next, you must be installing the carpet pads to the floor. Also, ensure that you are installing the pad perpendicular to the carpet installation direction to make it strong and after that staple it near the strip.
  • You can take the perfect measurement and you can notch it with the help of someone so that it will be easy to install.
  • After that, you can roll the carpet upside down and trim it if you need it to be in perfect measure.
  • Next, you should roll the carpet inside the room and ensure that it is straight. Cut the excess carpet but ensure that you are leaving about 3 to 4” extra on the wall side.
  • Create a seam at the meeting points of the carpet and seal them with the help of some glue. The only thing which you must ensure is that the carpet is straight as possible as you are gluing.
  • Then you must place some seaming tape beneath the seam and you must heat the seaming iron then slowly you should be sliding the iron. Ensure that you are pressing the seam against the glue produced through the tape and hold it until it dries.
  • At last, you must stretch the carpet as much as possible with the help of power stretcher.

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