Methods for Installing Carpet on Stairs

Staircases are often some of the heaviest areas at home. A decorated staircase can be the beautiful center piece of a home for installing carpet on stairs. Giving your staircase a fresh set of carpet can be difficult to undertake but this will add beauty to this important part of your home. Making preparations for installing carpet on stairs are more comfortable and followed some methods.

Measure your Staircase:


Measure each step and cut a quality carpet to fit each step. You will need to have a clear idea what the size of your staircase is. This includes the length, width, and height of each stair. The most important to know the number of steps and that will be easy to figure out. The standard stair is 30 inches wide. If it follows the standard dimensions it will be easier to measure and put your carpet.

Carpet Sales Professional:

Before moving to set the carpet on stairs you should go out and consult with a sale that specializes in thecarpet. Discuss the size and scope you might have a clear idea of an end result. They will point you in the direction of some carpet types that might suit your goals.

  • Taking pictures of your stairs can give an idea for sale associate that will help you.
  • If you are trying to calculate the amount of carpet material you will need from the sales associate.
  • Remember to give a couple more inches than you would otherwise to compensate for it.

Design for your Planned Staircase:

Design for your Planned StaircaseCreate your own design in mind while making your stair decision. Different colours, width, and textures will give different results for your stairs. Some carpet designs will come with a design into it. Some patterns will be given to the carpet.

Installing Tackless Strips:

  • Carefully place a trackless strip on the front and back of the stair.
  • Tackless strips are going to be the things that keep your carpet to the ground.
  • The centre of your tackless strips will make them easier to place each step.
  • Adding another set of tackless strips to the heights of the steps will make the carpet fit into the stairs.

 Setting the Carpet Padding:

Setting the Carpet Padding

  • Measure and cut a piece of carpet pad for each tread.
  • Cut every piece to be the same length as the tackless strips.
  • This will give the carpet a nice end on either side when it is done.
  • Keep your padding sheets over the tackless strips and staple them secure.
  • Put each sheet of padding down and take care to align it properly with the tackless
  • Verify the padding has been done correctly.

Laying the Carpet Runner:

If you traced the carpet outline at the begging it will be easy for getting carpet. Press your carpet into the outline of the steps with a carpet knee kicker. Verify the kicking is complete once you are done. Carefully cut any excess carpet at the bottom of the steps. Staple each step through to the wood.

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