Are you going to floor your new home? Confused to choose the type of residential flooring? Don’t know which one is best for home? If like so, then exactly this is the right to know flooring pros and cons. In this article, I’m going to share you pros and cons of various residential flooring types, so that you can able to compare each type with others and can pick one flooring design which suited for your home.

residential flooring

Pros and cons of various residential flooring:

A type of floor you going to choose is made changes in your regular lifestyle and depend on it only you feel cold or warm in your home. At the same time, flooring has the capability to change your mood and overall health. This is the reason why more and more residential homeowners use different types of flooring in their all rooms or single room.

But, if you won’t like to use some of the residential flooring types for your home, then no problem, choose any one of the flooring models and install it on your rooms. Keep continue to read this article to know flooring pros and cons to picking the best one.

#1: Bamboo flooring

The bamboo flooring materials are made up of world’s fastest growing tree. In this type of flooring, you need to sweep daily with a soft broom, otherwise, dust will store in it. In order to prevent any strains, you need to clean spill as soon as possible.


  • It has antimicrobial property
  • This flooring provides more durability
  • It is available in tiles, strips, and planks
  • It helps to get rid of allergy-causing substances
  • Made with more breathability


  • Walking on bamboo flooring with high heel shoes will damage the surface
  • It can’t be refinished
  • Dust particles stores on the floorings

residential flooring#2: Cork flooring

The cork flooring is the renewable and as well as eco-friendly choice for residential homes.


  • This is the trendy flooring for residential homes and as well as offers better durability too
  • Especially glue-down cork tiles are the best for floorings because it increases the flooring’s ability
  • It reduces the sound arise on by our heals
  • It provides more softness and also minimizes the heat
  • It is great for allergens and arthritis


  • Although it lost heat, cork flooring could expand the heat in radiant

#3: Wood flooring

Wood flooring is another type of expensive flooring options. There are 2 types of woods are used in this flooring, one is glue down and non-glue down floors. If you choose glue down floors, then it must be breathable.


  • Compare with tile and stone based floorings, this is very easy to fit and use
  • It allows installers to do multiple refinishes


  • This is not good choice for radiant heating systems
  • Maple in this flooring is hard to stain

By comparing the pros, cons and your needs, you can choose any one of flooring for your new home.

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