Every home must have a kitchen and most people likes to keep their kitchen clean and neat. There are several numbers of kitchen designing ideas are out there. Do you like to remodel your kitchen with slate flooring?

Do you really want to brighten your kitchen? If yes, you’re almost on the right path. This article tells you about the slate flooring in a detailed manner.

Slate Flooring:

Slate Flooring is nothing but a kind of flooring that is widely used in the many homes for Slate Flooringdecorating floor surfaces. There is a wide range of pros and cons found in the slate flooring and it gives an amazing look to your kitchen floor.

Slate flooring comes in a wide range of different colors, styles, patterns, sizes that meet your unique style and budget.

How to install slate flooring?

Want to install a slate floor in your kitchen? But, don’t know how to install slate flooring in your kitchen? Don’t get worried. There is professional slate flooring installers are here to help you. Yes, you can hire a professional slate flooring installer to install slate floors in the high traffic areas of your home. Slate flooring is easy to maintain and installing the slate flooring may cost you a little bit.

  • They install the slate flooring in a fast and efficient manner.
  • They improve the durability of the slate floors.
  • Cost effective

Slate flooring maintenance:

You have to maintain the slate flooring by cleaning the slate floor on a regular basis. Maintaining the slate floor is easy and you can clean the slate floor by using a vacuum cleaner or by using the mop.

Note: Do not use any abrasive or acidic cleaners. It may cause a chemical stain reaction.

Slate flooring maintenanceSlate floor tile sizes:

Do you know the slate floor tile sizes? The most common slate floor tile sizes are as follows,

12 x 12

16 x 16

24 x 24

Select the right slate flooring to brighten your kitchen and my suggestion is to select the lighter slate flooring. This is because; lighter slate flooring helps to brighten the kitchen and makes it feeling better and airier.

Slate floor tiles can cut into small sizes such as squares, triangles, rectangles so that there is no waste in the slate floor.

Slate floor coloring options:

As I said before, the slate floor comes in a wide range of different colors such as solid color slate flooring and multicolor.

Slate flooring pros and cons:

Are you interested in knowing the pros and cons of slate flooring? There are pros and cons found in the slate flooring. They are as follows,


  • Durability
  • Value
  • Style
  • Replacement
  • Radiant Heating systems
  • Colors


  • Expense
  • Maintenance
  • Grout lines
  • Cold
  • Heavy
  • Consistency

These are all about the pros and cons of the slate flooring and I hope you’ve gained more knowledge about the kitchen with slate flooring.

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