Knowing how to remove dog urine from carpet naturally? If you are thinking about natural ways from carpet remove dog urine smell then I think I can help you out.  This home remedy

Adorable Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy
Adorable Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy

for cleaning dog urine from carpets is easy and inexpensive. Here are some of the tips on natural ways to remove dog urine from carpet.

  1. Vinegar Baking Soda Spray:

White vinegar is a substance that will get rid of stains and baking soda is a nature’s odor remover and teamed up with vinegar. For this, you will need

  • White vinegar
  • Lukewarm water
  • Baking soda
  • Spraying bottle

The method of using the spray will be, mix white distilled vinegar with lukewarm water in a large bowl. Then add baking soda in smaller amounts. Finally pour into a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the area on the carpet. Then gently rub it with a soft cloth to remove the dog urine.

Next method will be mix up water and vinegar solution in the bowl. Then sprinkle a little amount of baking soda over the soiled area. After that pour the solution onto the baking soda. Rub gently dry with a soft cloth.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture:

This is another method to remove the urine and pulling out stains in the carpet. For this mixture, you will need

  • Paper towels
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dish liquid
  • Bowl

Cover the dog urine with paper towels and place something heavy on the top to soak up excess liquid. Then sprinkle the baking soda over the stain. Mix some hydrogen peroxide and dish liquid. Pour this solution over the baking soda and gently scrub the mixture into the How to get easily dog urine out of your carpetcarpet with a cloth. Finally, vacuum the area thoroughly.

How to get easily dog urine out of your carpet

First, if the area is still wet you need to absorb it with a paper towel. This is very important to stop the urine from clear down to the bottom of your carpet. By using those natural methods clean the carpet. Finally, after finishing you must let the area to dry. Once it is completely dry you may vacuum the spot to pick up any leftover baking soda powder.

Remember that you never use ammonia based product when cleaning the dog urine. If you clean with ammonia then the dog may be tempted to urine in that spot again. If you see that the spot is still visible even after it has dried well then do the above steps again. Usually, the dog urine leaves after the process has been done but somewhere very stubborn.

Ways to remove urine smell from carpet:

Depending on the materials you already have at home to make a trip to the store. With a few simple steps, odor from urine stains will be on its way out the door. If you have a pet at home, you will definitely want to know how to remove dog urine smell from carpet.

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