Want to install carpet in your car? Do you want to do it by yourself? But, don’t know how to do carpet installation for cars? If like so, then exactly this is the right place for you to know the instructions to install carpet in your car.

No matter that you’ve experienced person or a newbie to carpet installation; with the help Steps to install carpetof this article, you can do it by yourself easily. In this section, I’m going to share you the steps to install carpet in your car.

Steps to install carpet in your car:

First of all, do you already have carpet in your car? Want to replace it? Or, is this first time for you to install a carpet? If so, then remove the old carpet and make it ready to install a new one. However, before doing installation process, you need to do more things such as buying carpet and other accessories to install it.

You should know that there are plenty of carpet with different designs and models available in the market. With the range of carpets, you need to choose your favorite for your car. At the same time, it is important to mind that latest cars are equipped with a catalytic converter shield on the floor of the car.

At such a case, you don’t remove that shield on the floor and instead of that, install your carpet on that in-built shield. Okay. Now, let’s see how to install carpet in the car.

Step #1:

Before starting the installation, you need to cut the carpet to fit on the floor of the car. And, then make holes on the carpet to perfectly fit on the car with its design. Once you did cut or holes on the carpet, it’s can’t return back. So, make sure that you did everything in the Before starting the installationcorrect manner.

Step #2:

In the next step, you need to make the floor of the car ready for installation. In order to make it ready, clean the floor using sweeper or vacuum. And then, mark an area where you want to put holes.

Step #3:

At first, lay out the carpet on the outside and fold it to touch the one edge of carpet into another edge. After that, place it into the car and slowly unfold the carpet in front of firewalls and wheels.

Try to understand the contour of the layout with the carpet and don’t make any holes, until you fully understand the layout.

Step #4:

Once you have completed the matching of carpet on the floor of the car, then move on the next shift levers of the car. And, do this same for second shift levers too.

Step #5:

After ensuring the carpet is fitted on the floor of the car, start to mark for holes. Mark all areas of carpet where you need to make holes to fit it on the car. Then, replace the existing floor or cover the floor of back and front seat bottom cushions, console, seat belt bolts, accelerator pedal, and so on.

Then screw the equipments of car to tight up with carpet. That’s all!! Installing carpet in your car is completed successfully!!

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