Are you having hardwood floor in your home? Then, you should ask whether I need to do hardwood floor polish for your home right!! Definitely, you should polish your hardwood flooring; otherwise, it loses its brightness and beauty.

If you have hardwood flooring for years, then you might recognize that brightness and glittering properties of your floor are not quite less, am I right!! So, in order to regain old When to apply polish for hardwood floorquality of your hardwood floors, you need to polish it.

Should you use a hardwood floor polish?

Prior to polishing the hardwood floors, you need to consider a lot of things. At first, you need to determine the type of hardwood floor and then refer the instructions given by the manufacturer. Don’t know when to apply polish for your flooring? Keep scrolling to know!!

When to apply polish for hardwood floor?

In order to determine the right time to polish the hardwood floor, you need to check it by simply spills drops of water on the floors and watch whether it absorbs water drops or not. This method helps you to find your flooring needs polishing or wax.

If water drops are beaded up, then simply polish your floor to retain its originality, otherwise, you need to refinish it well to enhance its quality.

How to apply hardwood floor polish?

Actually, there are two methods available to do hardwood floor polish.

1st method: Hand polish

A first method is using your hand which is a great way to get an excellent result, but you need to put your lots of efforts on it.

2nd method: Machine polish

Instead putting your lots of efforts on polishing hardwood floors, you can make use machine to do it. Although, it is not that much easy to polish hardwood floors with the machine, but it works faster than hand method.

Buy the best machine for polishing hardwood floors and clean the floors thoroughly. However, before starting your hardwood polishing method, you need to refer the manufacturer instructions to avoid damages in the hardwood floor.

3 steps to polishing hardwood floors:

3 steps to polishing hardwood floorsIn order to polish your hardwood floors, you need to follow the below given 3 steps.

Step #1:

First of all, you need to clean the hardwood floors thoroughly by using non-water cleaning products. This is because water and water based product affect the hardwood floors, so it is better to avoid it. And, to remove other dust particles, use a vacuum.

Step #2:

Next is going to do buffing your hardwood floors. Buffing is the best way to refinish your hardwood floors. You know, actually, polishing requires refinishing the floors, so before polishing your floors, refinish it at every time.

Step #3:

The last step is polishing the floor. Now, the hardwood flooring is ready to polish it. In order to polish hardwood floors, prepare homemade solutions or buy solutions from outside and make use it. But, the mixture of lemon and vinegar is the best way to polish the floor.

Thus, you need to polish your hardwood floor by using the above-mentioned steps.

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