Carpet tiles became the solution in areas where total replacement of floor covering was economically unacceptable. Residential carpet tiles have increased over the last five years. Carpet tiles were mostly installed in offices, hotels, Residential Carpet Tile Installationand some other places. Now carpet tiles are installed everywhere including homes and apartments.

Residential Carpet Tile Installation:

Due to the variation of carpet tile size, shape, and installation methods follow the carpet manufacturers.

  • Layout:

Residential carpet tile will be cut at least three inches along each wall for trimming. The location and intersection point of the chalk line should be determined to achieve the design.

  • Floor applied adhesive application:

A thin film of pressure is applied and allowed to completely dry. Due the variation of carpet tile, adhesive recommendations will differ.

  • Pre-applied adhesive application:

The pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to attach the cushion during the manufacturing. The carpet manufacturer for recommended installation procedures and the use of primers are needed.

  • Tile joints:

Tile is the completed installation that should be tight but not compressed. To ensure the proper spacing between the carpet tiles, measure the distance. This measurement is the indication of the correct placement of carpet tiles to prevent compression.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Tiles:

This is a very affordable option in concentrated areas for commercial use that offered benefits in many residential applications. The versatility of carpet tiles is the reason for their amazing growth. The main difference between the two is the construction. When it comes to commercial carpet tiles they have a loop design, whereas the residential tiles have a different pattern, styles, and coloring options.

One of the cheapest residential carpet tiles types with homeowners is the carpet square. They usually give your room a more elegant look and make it perfect for home carpeting. You can easily mix and match the different colors Residential Carpet tile Advantagesand pattern. This will make it very easy a nice custom tiling for your home.

Commercial carpet tiles are quite expensive and since the carpet manufacturers do not keep an inventory of these carpets, they will sell it to wholesalers. Commercial tiles have a wide range of designs and will last for a long time.

Residential Carpet tile Advantages:

  • They are softer to the footstep and variety of colors and designs.
  • Carpet tiles manufacturers also provide styles and design that are printed into the carpet.
  • When it comes to installation and remembering that rooms come in different sizes and shapes, it is much easier to fit.
  • In residential carpet tile, excess carpet material needs to be removed.
  • Carpet square represents fewer costs and moving a box is much easier than moving the long roll.
  • Installation is easier and less expensive.
  • It gives you the flexibility of doing it yourself.

The drawback to residential carpet tiles is that the flexibility of creating unique designs is harder to achieve due to limited options.

You can also check on the web for residential carpet tile outlets and dealers to find modular carpet tiles.

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